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Cardiovascular Podcasts

Listen to podcasts featuring Holy Cross physicians on WIOD News Radio 610. The expert physicians at Holy Cross Hospital discuss various cardiovascular topics. They cover information on heart attack symptoms, atrial fibrillation, preventing stroke and heart disease and answer questions from listeners on a wide range of heart-related issues.

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Dr. Rishi Anand

Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiologist, shares lifesaving information about Sudden Cardiac Arrest. 3/25/2011

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Dr. Karan Munuswamy

Dr. Munuswamy discusses heart treatments that may prevent a stroke. 3/25/2011

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Dr. Mark Caputo and Dr. Joshua Larned

Dr. Mark Caputo and Dr. Joshua Larned discuss how to react to chest pains and describe advancements in angiograms. 3/25/2011

atrial fibrillation holy cross hospital fort lauderdale

Atrial Fibrillation can increase your risk of stroke, check to see if you have the warning signs.

 A-Fib is curable, Holy Cross Hospital offers the latest techniques to help you overcome A-Fib and the need for blood thinners. Learn more about Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation.

See what our Atrial Fibrillation patients have to say.

Get help to manage your heart failure.

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